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Quiche Mañifique with Custom Made Chicken~Gruyere~Garlic Sausage

There is maintenance quiche, and then there is quiche of creative proportions. This recipe accomplishes the latter.


I’m sure you’ve had one ~ a piece of freshly baked quiche that melds flavors perfectly, a flakey, buttery crust, melting in your mouth, so that one slice alone is not satisfying enough. You think, well, perhaps the quiche is a prime entree after all.

Thomson Custom Meats’ hand crafted chicken gruyere sausage with roasted garlic makes this recipe great. Without it, it would be a little less divine, but still delicious. Our friends at this Methow mainstay use 100% local meat without antibiotics for all their charcuterie. It’s a truly home grown, family operation. Chris Thomson consistently puts out the highest quality meat and cut.

Shallots, baby peppers and Thomson Custom Meats hand-crafted sausages


Thomson Custom Meats (on FB) offers such variety as smoked meats, bacon, lamb and jerky to seafood, chicken, and, a personal favorite, handcrafted sausages.

It was a tough choice between their sausages: Garlic Merlot Pork, Tai Chicken, Chicken-Apple-Onion-Sage, Pork-Onion-Potato, Spanish Chorizo, Sweet and Traditional Italian, Italian Chicken with Parmesean…to name a few.

All were good, but after an extensive tasting, the Chicken-Garlic-Gruyere won, hands down for this recipe.


Aside from the locally made sausage, this recipe is gratifyingly sustainable because almost every single ingredient is something we can produce. Eggs are farm fresh from the beloved chickens. Peppers grow in the garden as do herbs. Shallots are preferable, but onions will do the trick.

There is a deep love that comes through from cooking a meal you produce from gathering and growing the food yourself. This divine quiche is full of love and decidedly garden to table.

Place the grilled onion slices around the edge of the egg mixture so they can pop to the surface and brown.


Quiche with Sausage & Sweet Peppers Recipe

6-7 Large Farm Fresh Eggs

1+ cup milk or cream

2 Brat sized Sausages, casings removed

2 Tablespoons Butter

2 Shallots (or onion of choice) 1 finely dices, 1 in thin horizontal slices

3 small sweet peppers or pepper of choice

1/4 cup chopped basil

1 cup shredded cheese (mozzarella, monteray jack or any mild cheese works well)

salt and pepper to taste

~Deluxe Flaky Pastry Dough~ modified from the Joy of Cooking, 1997 edition

3 cups Flour (try 1/2 Emmer Grain Flower, Bluebird Grain Farms)

1 cup butter

1/2 teaspoon salt

1-2 teaspoons sugar

1/3 cup iced water

1~ Prep dough: combine flour, salt and sugar; using a food processor or pastry cutter, cut in butter until dough resembles course sand; add cold water and mix until just combined; separate dough into two balls, wrap and chill for at least one hour.

2~ Sauté 1/2 minced shallots and 1/2 minced peppers briefly in butter and set aside; using the same pan, sauté chunks of sausage and set aside.

3~ Mix eggs, milk, salt, pepper and fresh basil. Now you are ready to layer your quiche.

4~ Roll out cooled dough on a floured surface; place dough in buttered dish and flute edges.

5~ Spread cheese as first layer; add sautéd shallots, peppers and sausage; place shallot slices around the edge of quiche; slowly pour in egg mixture; top with remaining halved peppers.

6~ Bake at 375F for 1/2 hour or until quiche is cooked through and crust is golden brown.

7~ Let sit for 10 minutes after baking, serve and enjoy.

Love from our kitchen to yours! Georgina @ Soul & Stomach

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