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Great Granola ~ with Roasted Almonds & Honey by Local Bees, plus the Perfect Parfait

Growing up our mother made granola from scratch, and it was so delicious, it seemed to us kids to be a treat rather than standard breakfast.  Overnight family hiking trips included her granola, and it not only hit the spot taste-wise but sustained the body for long periods, being great fuel for exercise and a father who required good, productive work from all.


The granola recipe here is based on the basic ratios learned from my mama and is made protein hearty with high nut content.  But it’s crowning glory is locally made honey, curtesy of our friends who produce Highway 20 Honey, led by the expertise of their 13 year old son.  Included in our MethowMade Program of Twisp Works, this honey is as organic and wild as it gets.

The father/owner of this hive operation claims he “knows each queen by name.” He explains that Highway 20 Honey achieves standards beyond the average because their bees forage wildflowers, protected from agricultural operations using heavy chemicals.  And indeed their bee’s home is protected, in a high mountain canyon removed and remote.



My twelve year old son did all the preparation for this simple, kid-friendly recipe, chopping nuts, and mixing wet and dry ingredients, while the younger daughter performed the initial taste test, combining granola with yogurt and preserves for a parfait and giving the recipe a stellar rating, quote “I would eat this for every meal mama!”

We almost always double our granola recipe, as we did with this one below, which requires two pans for baking, and more time dedicated to turning the oats.  Other variations have included cashews, sunflower seeds and bulgar, and the recipe is malleable to varying honey and oil ratios to taste.



Granola Recipe

5 1/2 c whole oats (a combination with quick oats also works)

1 1/2 c almonds, coarsely chopped

1/2 c honey

1/2 c vegetable oil

~The basic rule of making granola is a 7 to 1 ratio of dry to wet ingredients; begin by setting out ingredients to mix each separately; double recipe as desired.

~Set oven for 375 degrees.

~Combine honey and oil in a mason jar or small bowl and set aside.

~Combine oats and chopped nuts; drizzle all with oil and honey mixture and combine well.

~Spread raw granola mixture in a deep baking pan.

~Turn granola with a large spoon every 5 to 10 minutes, usually at least three times, until mixture is evenly golden brown.

~Remove from oven and cool; store in sealed containers in a dry location, mason jars work well.


Perfect Parfait Recipe

1 cup yogurt

1/4 c fruit preserves

1/2 c granola

~In a bowl or glass, spoon in yogurt, add a layer of preserves and top with granola; we love using our canned jams from the pantry.

Love from our kitchen to yours, Georgina @ Soul & Stomach

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