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Saucing the Whole Tomato

The tomato is truly one of the finest edible creations. And the succulence of the garden ripe heirlooms we’ve been picking urges using every little bit of the fruit.


Finding a way to use seeds, skins and all is always the preference in terms of nutrition content.  Peel or seed a tomato, and some of the best nutrients are thrown away.   It takes a good recipe to accomplish the goal of wasting naught.  From this year’s garden harvest we’ve done everything from sun dried, to salsas to many marinaras for plentiful sauce throughout winter.


There are many methods for marinara sauce, and in the past there were many hours spent peeling, seeding and cooking that marinara base down until it reduces by half, watching, monitoring, stirring and waiting for thickness.  But, no more.  With this recipe, marinara production time is cut in half with an easy, slow roast oven method that turns out delicious every time.


It seems that the reasons for this sauce’s success lie in 1) the use of the entire fruit and 2) a slight caramelizing of the tomatoes on low temperature that lends the roasty flavor, reduces excess moisture and preserves the fresh tomato taste.

DSCF4231~Roast combo complete and ready to blend~

Oven Roasted Marinara Recipe

5 lb tomatoes

10 good sized cloves garlic

bunch of fresh basil

extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper

Note: The ratios of this recipe are designed for two standard sized baking sheets.

~ Preheat oven for 225 degrees; wash and drain tomatoes; remove stems and any large imperfections.

~ Cut tomatoes in 1/2 inch slices and lay flat, skin sides down, packing tightly on parchment lined baking trays.

~ Place whole cloves garlic atop tomatoes; drizzle olive oil over all and sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper.

~ Bake for 2 hours, and remove from oven to cool.

~ Blend with fresh basil  in a blender or food processor until smooth.

~ Serve and enjoy fresh, or store by freezing or boiling water canner for 25 minutes at full boil.

Yield: about 2 quarts

DSCF4172~Sauce with a serious thickness~

Love from our garden kitchen to yours! Georgina @ Soul & Stomach


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  1. This is the second year I have used this recipe from Georgina and it is wonderful! As a matter of fact, I will be making it again this morning.

  2. Penelope Tobiska

    Yum, Thanks GT. Will try tomorrow. Love, Mommy >

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